I’m posting some additional pieces here based on our conversations and what I’ve seen so far of the space and house. I think some of this work could be a great fit. In addition, I can develop some pieces for the stairwell space for your consideration.


Some sculptures I think would work well in the landscape you’re creating.


Shown in honed stainless steel, the organic flow of this piece I think lends it well to your garden space. It connects to the landscape as well as evoking themes of growth, change, transformation and hope. It’s my favorite garden sculpture to date.


Shown in a laminated wood finish - I think the organic quality of this form works well in a garden space. I could see it in bronze with a verdigris patina.


Mirror finish stainless steel. The forms are playful, whimsical, elegant and organic feeling. I think this piece would look great next to a stream.


Circle of Life
Mirror finish stainless steel. This piece would look great next to a stream as well. Reflecting the landscape. The form is organic and brings to mind an energy field, a portal. Organic and flowing like the stream of life.


Mirror finish stainless steel. A beautiful piece that draws the eye toward the skies. I think this would work well in an open interior space or exterior as well. Again reflecting the landscape and the viewer.


Venus Rising
Could be an interior or exterior piece. The figure on the right could actually be a stand alone sculpture. This is honed stainless steel with painted sections.


I can see some of the pieces I’ve created working well in the stairway area. Here’s a couple initial pieces I think would work well. I’ll work on some more ideas this week. The top ones you’ll see I adjusted the base to give it more strength and structure.

Becoming - Honed Finish

Becoming - Honed Finish

Becoming - Mirror

Becoming - Mirror


Honed finish stainless steel. A sister piece to Vortex. Spiraling forms and angles with an upward focused energy, evoking growth and dynamic resolve.


Mirror stainless steel finish. For a piece like this I could see it in the stairway area. Can also include an impression of the veiled Mary sculpture emerging from the form.


Mirror stainless steel finish. Showing a variation for the stairs that is wider at the top and more tapered at the base.

Mirror stainless steel finish contrasted with painted stainless steel. Two figures emerge from each other - one from the past and one from the future.

Additional Small Pieces

Some smaller pieces I’ve done that I think could work well in the interior.

Brothers from Another Mother.png

Head Series
I’ve started a study of heads in multiple materials. They are contemporary and about clean lines, simplicity, elegance. I can make them in marble, steel, bronze and other materials as well.


Honed Stainless Steel. This piece is about flow, movement and energy as well as growth. I think it works well as an accent sculpture.


Honed stainless steel. This form is composed of a single drawn line is is about the freedom of drawing in space. It’s also about energy, form and motion. I think it works well as a larger piece in a room, near a window.


Infinite Wave
Polished bronze. This form is a spiral wave made of discs. I see it as a set of points on a wave of infinity and infinite light.


Wave Study 2
Polished bronze. This form is a spiral wave as well. The flow of energy spirals around an inner form. It signifies to me strength and lightness of being.


Triad - Three in one
Polished bronze. These forms are like spirals folded into themselves. The forms stand on their own and as three are in conversation with each other. Three in one.

Additional Pieces

Some other sculptures that may resonate with you.


The Messenger
Brushed stainless. These forms to me speak of flight, landscape and emotion. Breadth of spirit. Each side is a mountain that is also a wing. The wings emanate from a wheel - which is in motion. I can see this piece close to a stream - hovering over it. The base would be built into the ground so it would have the illusion of floating.


Core-ten steel. Can be done in stainless as well. To me this piece is about marking a place. It has a bold, dynamic strength.


Harvey Wallbanger
Black Marble. This piece is about elegance and motion. Could be an anchor piece in the garden or room.


Bronze with patina. These forms to me represent transformation and new beginnings, like the two wings of a butterfly, or two people in love.


Mirror finish stainless steel. These forms to me represent elements changing from one form into another - creativity, flow and transformation.


Polished Bronze. This sculpture to me represents a seed / potential and new beginnings. Also, like a planet in the cosmos. It can be done in stainless as well and at any scale.


Shown in 2 finishes, stainless steel and bronze, and at 2 scales. Represents flight, transformation, wind and energy. The power of trade and commerce.

Tea Room Sculpture

Some additional sculpture ideas for the Tea Room sculpture


Thankful Hands
This sculpture can be done in cast stone with moss weathering as shown - or bronze or steel. The idea is a shelter is made under thankful hands.


Morpho Room
A room of metamorphosis and transformation. This structure will be like walking into a still life painting where you are among the painted objects. The walls are created loosely in the landscape though the use of mirror finish organic sculptural forms. The roof can be extended to twice it’s size with a remote control. The seating shown is placeholder for now and can be developed if you like this approach.


Half Shell

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 12.22.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 1.10.40 AM.png

Eye of the World
This can be any material. The sculpture creates shelter from the rain and sun with the a radial star cut through the solid side. The room would create a sense of being embraced by the earth and the sculpture. Plantings of vines can be done around the outside of it.


Flower Room
This form is like an upside down flower. With entrances on three sides it’s a shelter that is easily entered into, and walked around. Providing shade and shelter from the sun and rain. An ideal spot for rest and contemplation. The organic fin like forms stretch vertically toward the sky and lean in on each other like petals.